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JUNE 2013



COOPERL-NUCLEUS Chairman signed Joint-Venture with Henan Xinda Muye Co. Ltd During official visit to China of Mr François HOLLANDE, French President, on the 25th of April 2013, COOPERL-NUCLEUS chairman signed a joint-venture between COOPERL and Xinda Muye. Under supervision of Mr Xi XINPING and Mr François HOLLANDE, Mr Guy DARTOIS and Mr Li CHANGQING signed an agreement to build new GGP farm with 1500 NUCLEUS sows in Henan province. Support of Chinese and French governments are strategic on development of COOPERL on Chinese market. We signed joint-venture with our Chinese partner for creation of GGP farm with 1500 sows" said Guy DARTOIS, COOPERL-NUCLEUS chairman. "Of course, signature in the Great Hall of People in front of Chinese and French President is a token of quality for our future customers". This joint-venture has been signed by COOPERL CHINA in partnership with NUCLEUS and Zhengzhou SUNBRIDGE High-Tech