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TRAC'R prize-winner in SPACE 2016

Every year, Calipro (building and equipment subsidiary company of cooperl group) participate in the international exhibition for all animal productions : the Space. Took place from 13 to 16 September 2016 in Rennes.



This year, the company is very proud and happy be rewarded with the Innov'Space award by 3 stars for the technology TRAC'R. We wanted to make accessible technology TRAC, phase's seperation, to the greater number of farmers not only for those who invest in new buildings. The TRAC and the TRAC'R their goals are that the urine and the solid part should be separate, thanks to TRAC robot which scrape and carries the manures. So, there is not the manure under the animals. Thereafter, it offeres the possibility of using solid parts in a biogas plant and a raw material to produce fertiliser. 



The TRAC'R includes 3 challenges: 

          1.     To reduce the openings in the bedrocks building for to avoid damaging them,

          2.     Installation of slabs support in the building,

        3.    Methanation project : to value the raw material coming from the building with the TRAC system



This innovation able to environmental efficiency and farming condition to be improved


Christophe PELLAN;  Responsable Commercial Calipro élevage

  Christophe PELLAN (Sale manager breeding Calipro )


For the  Innov'Space 2016 prize to Pierre LE GUILLOUX (Director of specialized distribution)